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Public Types

enum  { INVALID_ROOM = -1 }

Public Member Functions

 Room ()
 ~Room ()
void Construct (_RoomOnDisk *roomData, int maxObjects, Room *levelRooms, int levelNumRooms, int index, Memory &memory, int numberOfTemporaryObjects, PRoomObjectListCheckFunc *listCheckFuncList, int checkListEntries, Array< BaseObject * > &masterObjectList, RoomCallbacks *roomCallbacks)
void BindAssets ()
void UnBindAssets ()
void UpdateRoomContents (int updateIndex, LevelRooms &levelRooms)
void AddObject (int32 objectIndex)
void RemoveObject (int32 objectIndex)
bool CheckCollision (const PhysicalObject &object) const
bool CheckCollision (const ColSpace &object, const Vector3 &objpos) const
void CheckCollisionWithObjects (PhysicalObject &checkObject, const Clock &clock, int listIndex, int startingObject=0) const
RoomGetAdjacentRoom (int index) const
int GetRoomIndex () const
BaseObjectIteratorWrapper ListIter (int index) const
void Validate () const

Private Attributes

int _roomIndex
PhysicalAttributes _physicalAttributes
RoomadjacentRooms [MAX_ACTIVE_ROOMS]
int _checkListEntries
Array< BaseObject * > * _masterObjectList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file room.hp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 104 of file room.hp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Room::Room (  ) 

Definition at line 57 of file

References adjacentRooms, and MAX_ACTIVE_ROOMS.

Room::~Room (  ) 

Definition at line 66 of file

References _objectLists, and Validate().

Member Function Documentation

void Room::AddObject ( int32  objectIndex  ) 
void Room::BindAssets (  ) 
INLINE bool Room::CheckCollision ( const ColSpace object,
const Vector3 objpos 
) const
INLINE bool Room::CheckCollision ( const PhysicalObject object  )  const
void Room::CheckCollisionWithObjects ( PhysicalObject checkObject,
const Clock clock,
int  listIndex,
int  startingObject = 0 
) const
void Room::Construct ( _RoomOnDisk roomData,
int  maxObjects,
Room levelRooms,
int  levelNumRooms,
int  index,
Memory memory,
int  numberOfTemporaryObjects,
PRoomObjectListCheckFunc listCheckFuncList,
int  checkListEntries,
Array< BaseObject * > &  masterObjectList,
RoomCallbacks roomCallbacks 
INLINE Room * Room::GetAdjacentRoom ( int  index  )  const
INLINE int Room::GetRoomIndex (  )  const
INLINE BaseObjectIteratorWrapper Room::ListIter ( int  index  )  const
void Room::RemoveObject ( int32  objectIndex  ) 
void Room::UnBindAssets (  ) 

Definition at line 246 of file

Referenced by ActiveRooms::ChangeActiveRoom().

void Room::UpdateRoomContents ( int  updateIndex,
LevelRooms levelRooms 
INLINE void Room::Validate (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

int Room::_checkListEntries [private]

Definition at line 116 of file room.hp.

Referenced by ListIter(), and Validate().

Definition at line 117 of file room.hp.

Referenced by AddObject(), and RemoveObject().

Definition at line 120 of file room.hp.

Referenced by ListIter(), and Validate().

Definition at line 114 of file room.hp.

Referenced by AddObject(), ListIter(), RemoveObject(), UpdateRoomContents(), Validate(), and ~Room().

Definition at line 111 of file room.hp.

Referenced by CheckCollision().

Definition at line 119 of file room.hp.

Referenced by Validate().

int Room::_roomIndex [private]

Definition at line 110 of file room.hp.

Referenced by AddObject(), GetRoomIndex(), and RemoveObject().

Definition at line 113 of file room.hp.

Referenced by GetAdjacentRoom(), Room(), and Validate().

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